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My child has tried several different methods of counseling for several years and has never stayed with any one longer than a few weeks. Several months ago, my wife and I heard about life coaching and decided to send him. We were both a little skeptical due to previous attempts. 


He is now going on 4 months and although progress seemed slow in the beginning, we are seeing real effort and changes on his part and he is thinking about the future.


I hope you can use this. 

Lucky and Steve

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Awesome Success Story for Addiction

February 2015

I have known Meena Singh for five years and can wholeheartedly endorse her as an expert in recovery management, coaching and recovery techniques for all those suffering with many forms of addiction and trauma. She is well equipped to guide sufferers and their caregivers through the challenge of alcohol and substance abuse to a cleaner, healthier stable life.


This is achieved through a robust process of one-on-one counselling and group workshops. Ms. Singh is a profound keynote speaker with a dynamic message that frankly makes perfect sense. Her radio show is enthralling and her message is compelling and effective. I would never hesitate to recommend clients to seek her wisdom and I highly recommend her to employers looking for a strategic counsellor or employee whose enthusiasm is matched only by her knowledge and excellence. Ms. Singh is highly respected, revered and sought after for her passionate stance on recovery. Complete recovery is an essential process that requires a unique person to uncover the issues surrounding the problem and a person with the ability to guide the patient to a state of balanced transformation. Meena quite simply IS that person. I would be happy to take calls about this remarkable woman. Yours Sincerely, Christine Mercy Overton, D.D., PhD.

Success Story about Meena from Michelle Schubnel

February 2017

I first met Meena when she came out to California to participate in a seminar I was leading. 

At that time, In Awe Foundation was still a dream in the making. I was very impressed with Meena and kept in contact… So I wasn’t surprised when I discovered that Meena turned her dream into a reality and that In Awe Foundation was born.

Meena is an accomplished coach who is passionate about helping others in distress. Her programs help people who are struggling with abuse, addiction or anger… things she has overcome herself. 

Meena’s personal story, "Triumph Over Troubles,” illustrates her first-hand knowledge of how difficult it is to face ones fears and want to recover. Between her personal experience, training and commitment, Meena is uniquely qualified to rebuild lives through coaching and be a leader in the recovery coaching movement.

Awesome Success Story who participated in our Anger management group

July 2015

 I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned much from the 12 week anger management class offered by Ruth and Meena through In Awe Foundation, Inc. Ruth and Meena were very sympathetic and understanding as well to the point. They built me up for ways to dewith the anger as it came. Some fits of anger were managed in a healthy way while others were not have been handling anger in unhealthy ways for the last 29 years. 12 weeks is just the beginning and I will continue to learn healthy ways to handle the anger. Ernie Phillips  

Awesome Success Story for Abuse

January 2010

What is most compelling about Meena is her uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and her very direct and effective communication. She is fearlessly honest with me but her unconditional acceptance enabled me to be myself around her. I feel safe to tell her anything. I can learn to accept myself and recognize my realty and, therefore, change is possible. I could not have made it through the personal challenges I have faced without her dedication and her gentle prodding to move forward. When fear stopped me dead in my tracks, she always told me to "Do it afraid." She is spectacular.  Kathy F., NJ.

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