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Group Coaching


Discover the T.R.U.E you!


Find your Life-Purpose and Live It!


By joining my Life Purpose Group Coaching Sessions starting Monday, January 9th, we will work through these questions together and help you create awareness, a balanced life, and explore infinite possibilities!  


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Recover and Discover Group Coaching sessions start on Monday, January 9th.  Click here for more information and to register!

Group & S.P.O.T. Coaching

Recovery Life Coaching

Anger Resolution Support Program

Video Conferences & Seminars

In these times where people are constantly transitioning in a lot of areas of their lives, Meena empowers and transforms others by creating “coaching partnerships”. Meena has coaching expertise in the areas of life-purpose, abuse and addiction recovery, spirituality and transitions life coaching. She is able to easily connect with you and energize you to take focused & inspired action! As one of her clients’ recently wrote, her catch phrase “Do it afraid” – says it all!


In the group coaching, you and the other group members will first openly discuss in a strictly confidential and safe format each of your challenges. We will then either individually or sometimes collectively develop action plans that each group member agrees to implement!

As you continue to meet once a week, there is “continuous accountability” for each group member to deliver what you agreed to each week. As a result you come to realize that you have overcome your obstacles and persevere in exploring other possibilities. Unlike other coaches, Meena works with those that are more challenged individually, if the group member expresses an interest or a need arises.

As one of her past Think & Grow Rich Master Mind group participants mentioned from last year, “she is a god-sent for them…”

One of the biggest advantages after some trial and research over the years, she has found that creating smaller groups allows for a much higher level of comfort and engagement from each group member. Therefore, the “true value of coaching” is experienced more with higher levels of personal/professional growth for each of the group members. It is proven through holding smaller groups – each participant is given more attention and feels more rewarded.

This creates a healthier environment by allowing the flow of positive energy to motivate all the other group members to achieve rewarding results. The smaller group coaching accentuates cohesiveness to accelerate engaged involvement from each group member – leading to attaining their desired results! Meena feels so strongly about this concept of the power and synergy, that she has designated a name for this type of specialized group coaching – “Mini-SPOT group coaching”.

Enrollment is required and seating is limited to only 5 participants.

In conclusion, this “mini-SPOT group coaching” provides you a “comfortable & confidential” setting where others like you with a deep desire to take action and harness the self-discovery process meet in-person once a week.

The most important principle of coaching is “accountability and action”. In every meeting, each member summarizes the milestones reached with their respective goals/objectives is the focus of our group coaching model. With each or your accomplishments, we will celebrate together and support each other over the 12 week period.

Based on Meena’s experience, she wants to bring the power of coaching to every small town and big city and partner together to create the life we all crave and deserve! The real “magic” is in the rigorous efforts that each of you as group members will make. Make note that only decisions followed by concrete plans to implement with accountability will bring forth the results with persistent action! One of the other most powerful attribute of Meena’s her clients speak highly, is how she loves to allow her clients with the “power of choice” to do things at their own pace!

As you meet on a weekly basis, you will make a host of friends that will not only support you, but also provide you the support you require to pursue your life’s personal and professional goals!

In time, each of you will gain an increased level of awareness (consciousness) feel a sense of connectedness to the “mini-SPOT group coaching” – leading you to seek out opportunities they never before imagined!

Together, we will walk on this journey to remove all the blocks and develop plans of action, so you can achieve your desired goals.

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